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About The Yoga Center

A Foundation for Preservation and Education

Our center is under construction! We’re undertaking some winter renovations to be fresh and luxurious in time for spring retreats; stay tuned for photos and updates on the projects we’re working on this winter. 


Lodges - Our lodges are cozy and comfortable; lovely hardwood floors with thick canvas and wood walls. They are heated, have electricity, and are beautifully furnished. Lodges are a shared accommodation while still lending plenty of quiet and privacy. All accommodations are a quick walk to the bathroom and shower. All Bedding is provided.

Tents - Tents are spacious and comfortable, with a bed and basic furnishings; you'll have all the comfort of the lodge in a private setting. A short walk to bathroom and shower, and all bedding is provided.

Private cabin - Cabins are intimate and luxurious, perfect for couples or individuals wanting a little extra luxury and privacy. They are uniquely decorated, have heat and electricity, and a lovely view. A short walk to the bathroom and shower, and all bedding is provided.

food on the island

Food on Stora Bornö is simple and fresh, we grow lots of our own food here on the island and the rest we get from local farmers on the Bohus coast. We can accommodate all dietary restrictions, make sure to let us know on your application your dietary requirements so we have time to prepare for you! Meals are vegetarian and served three times a day with tea and fruit available between meals.

what to pack

Travel light! Everything that we bring to the Island has to be transported by boat and hiked into camp; packing light is essential. Backpacks are easier to hike in with, but suitcases are manageable. Laundry services are available but limited. We recommend planning one load of laundry for each week that you stay with us, and hand washing anything between. Hand washing facilities are available. 

- Comfortable, light clothing for Yoga, bring layers as our weather is unpredictable. Things like leg warmers, shawl, and a pair of thick socks go a long way on a foggy spring morning. 

- Long pants or leggings for hiking are preferable. Stora Bornö has lots of incredible Island life, one very noticeable part of that is the insect activity! Clothing is the best line of defense against bugs. Long pants tucked into socks, a zip-up sweater with a hood and a scarf or hat for your hair if it’s long. We’ve designed our accommodations to be safe and separate from our bug friends, but the forest is a very active place during the warmer months. 

- Comfortable walking or hiking shoes. Even if you don’t plan much recreational hiking it can be a bit of a hike into camp depending on the time of year. During warmer retreats we often do our morning practice on the beach, so prepare for plenty of walking to get where we need to go. 

- Bathing suit and beach towel, bring a water bottle and hat. You may need a day pack and compass if you plan on exploring the island. 

- Our summer retreats boast 18 hours of sunlight, so you most likely won’t need a flashlight. Any other time of year however, the dark walk to the bathroom might be disorienting, so unless you want to use the stars as navigation, we recommend a flashlight with extra batteries just in case. 

- A rain jacket or windbreaker is a good idea; the weather can change quickly on the fjord. A warm sweater is usually enough warmth in the summer months. Umbrellas are provided, but you are welcome to bring your own. 

- Musical instruments are welcome if you would like to share your music with us around the fire at night! We will help pack any instruments up to camp if needed. Pianists, please send an advanced warning.
- Yoga mats and props are provided, you’ll be assigned your own mat when you arrive. You are welcome to bring your own, but keep in mind how heavy they are when planning.

Our small shop at the center has most things you might need while you’re here in case you forget something. Toothbrush and toothpaste, soap, batteries, a small selection of clothing, etc.

experience stora bornö

Stora Borno is an incredible place to be. World class kayaking, hiking, rock climbing, foraging, swimming, and visiting ancient ruins are all within your grasp while on retreat with us. While filling out your application, be sure to check which activities you’d like to participate in. We will choose several that have the most interest and schedule them while you are here. 

getting here

Our closest international airport is in Gothenburg, Sweden. We are located about an hour and a half northwest from Gothenburg. The closest city to us is called Lysekil, it’s its own gem on the coast, definitely worth a visit while you are here! From Lysekil, it’s a short 10-minute drive to Holma where we will get on the boat to cross Gullmars Fjord. Stora Borno is right in the middle of the fjord. Instructions are included in your welcome package, we will tell you exactly when and where the pick up for the boat is scheduled for your course.