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The Stora Bornö Project

Stora Bornö Yoga center is a non-profit organization. Our foundation focuses on the preservation of Stora Bornö and continuing education for Yoga instructors. Our Island retreat center is situated in the center of Gullmars fjord in a beautiful, isolated forest. We are located in a cozy spot on the island surrounded by dense forest, a running stream, vertical cliffs, and sandy beaches on all sides. The island has been inhabited for thousands of years, with written records going back to the 14th century and sites from the bronze age scattered throughout the island.

Stora Bornö is a nature reserve and we work very hard to not only have zero impact on nature, but to have a positive effect on the ecology of the island. We have some special wildlife living here and are extremely lucky to get to be a part of it. Yoga is traditionally shared and taught in nature, it is such a joy to be at rest and rejuvenated here in this special place.


Our mission is to protect the island. We have regular projects running to clean up the beaches of any debris washed up from the ocean, to map out the forest and update on forest regrowth, To keep a record of endangered species of animal and plant life. To keep a record of the archeological sites and relics that are uncovered and ensure that they are treated with care. To make sure that any visiting neighbors have garbage disposal at their fingertips and easily accessible information on the island. We do get visitors in the summer, and we work to make the impact as minimal as possible. We try and mitigate the damage from invasive species of insects, fish and plants, and encourage the natural flora and fauna to regenerate and flourish. We are composing a book about the island’s unique ecology and history. Our board of trustees is involved in the running of the non profit organisation and are regularly composing initiatives to protect and preserve the the island.